Andy The Librarian – and Whole Food Plant Baser….


I’m Andy Richardson…..MCLIP

I’ve worked in the library and information sector for over 30 years and am “resting” at the moment…

I’ve worked in the university, public and NHS library sectors and also worked in the library supply and library database publishing industry during those years.

Libraries have been part of my life since early childhood – ever since my mum took me to Ermine Estate Branch Library in Lincoln (where she worked) to choose my picture books and listen to stories in the Book Worm Club. You could say it is in my blood.

But libraries – particularly the extensive public library service – are within the British culture and local structure and are fast disappearing – not because of lack of use (although issue figures do show a decline) but because public services are being drastically reduced by national government.

A whole profession is being decimated by political dogma and dramatic cuts in funding.

Public libraries have always been seen as a Cinderella service – particularly in local government and have suffered death by a thousand cuts over the years – but the recent move to offer small sites out to volunteers  by authorities like North Lincolnshire and my local authority, Bromley, looks to me like to  cuts 998 to 999 of the public library service. I’m looking to keep this site updated with all issues affecting reduction in any UK based library service…

Let’s fight back!!!

Oh – and I’m a known to be a bit awkward about food. I try and follow a Whole Food Plant Based diet – I do eat fish but try not to too much. I don’t say Vegan, because I still wear leather shoes and not particularly into animal rights as the true vegan is. My decision is to avoid meat and dairy is purely on health grounds. If you either watch Forks over Knives or read Colin Campbell’s The China Study you’ll see where I’m coming from. So you’ll see a lot of food related stuff on this site as well….

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